Did you know there are women and children who don’t have access to basic underwear?

We’re helping to change this! With every order we receive, we’ll give one underwear away to someone who really needs it.

Why undies?

In many regions second-hand underwear are cheap enough, but rarely available to those who have nothing. Underwear provides the basic dignity that no child or woman should go without. It allows them to wear skirts and dresses and not worry about anything showing.

In humid climates rashes, fungal infections and abscesses occur from wearing the same pair of underwear day after day, by having a few pairs it allows them to wash and rotate their underwear.

In some countries, a child with no underpants is not allowed to go to school when menstruating.

This initiative is close to our hearts as we’ve seen the impact first-hand and want to ensure no child or women goes without the basic necessities that we all take for granted.

What can you do to help?

It’s simple! Just place an order and we will donate one underwear for each order.

How does it work?

At the end of each Financial Year, we will tally up our sales and donate underwear in a range of sizes and distribute to those in desperate need here in Australia and around the world. We’ll then send you an update so you can see what your donation has accomplished.

Thank you for being a part of this important journey.

BU Underwear xx

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