We are a small local business based in Australia, Melbourne. Like us, our supplier is also small and only does small batch production runs. This ensures we are not wasting materials or creating resource pressures which typically come with large production runs. We only manufacture what we need. This avoids excess production which ultimately leads to heavy discounting to clear dead stock.  


Unlike some underwear, BU Underwear is NOT made from Cotton. Cotton uses far too much water, which is a resource that is depleting quite quickly. 

BU Underwear is made from Tencel® Modal fabric. Modal is harvested from sustainable beech tree plantations, it’s carbon neutral, requires less land per tonne than cotton fibres and has a water consumption level that’s ten to twenty times less than that of cotton. You can find out more about Modal here on our Instagram story.

Did we also mention that it’s super soft and luxurious to touch? Feels completely bare against your skin.

Design & Sizing

BU Underwear is a small but modest start-up, founded in 2018 and launching in 2021. We’ve spent 3 years researching and developing our range to bring you a small capsule of awesome products. All our styles are designed and developed by us here in Melbourne. 

However, we want to hear your feedback to understand what we can do to make BU Underwear better for you.  As we grow and develop, we aim to add more skin tones, more styles and more sizes. We want to be a truly inclusive brand for all.


Honestly, what is the point of packaging, it just ends up in the bin. We use the bare minimum packaging and ensure anything we do use is recyclable or compostable. Our postage bags are certified compostable. Meaning you can bury them in the ground or put them in your compost bin for the worms to enjoy. 

We don't use any plastics in our packaging and source all our labels and bags from Noissue.

That’s it really. The less the better, right?



We are BU Underwear – just 2 humans who want to eliminate the stereo type of the colour ‘nude’ and allow everyone to embrace their true nude skin colour. 

So, will you join us?

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